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10 October 2010 @ 09:46 pm
The day I spend everything on my closet fangirl obsession  
 I can say that I'm officially starting a key chain collection. I went to an actual cosplay event (not the same as an anime convention because it's smaller and focus on selling doujinshi and fandom goods) I saw PSP cases, figma figures, T-shirts, posters, anime items, DOUJINSHI. I spend about 2,000 baht today. 190 on a Mukuro anthology, 20x2 on Hetalia and KHR key chains, 20 on a Primo key chain, 400 on my first Japanese doujinshi, and 100 on the CD of the Miku 39's giving concert. I felt proud as a fangirl to officially own a doujinshi.The first is a Mukuro Anthology, the second is a real Japanese 5927Primo. the only disappointment was that it wasn't a R18 but it would kill me if Mom found out because she came with me and Earn to the event. I want to get a 1827 and 6927 next time. Let's just say that I would want to come back again. Maybe not every month but every 2 or 3 when I save up enough money. Artist at work inspire me to draw but have no inspiration of what to draw.

Anime goods weren't the only thing I spend my money on. We stopped at Paragon for lunch and ended up at Kinokuniya were they restocked Freakonomics which I brought, along with Hetalia in English :D Freakonomics seems more interesting than the Shock Doctrine and more easy to understand and relate to.  Maybe I should work on something and sell it at a booth myself.....

PS: IT's 10/10/10! The official best day ever that got me everything I wanted!
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